Sugar Quartz

Sugar Quartz:

A gemstone with a natural surface texture much like fine sugar crystals formed by natural phenomena of micro-crystalline facets.Huge Ruby Red Xtra Juicy Druzy 486_00 CloseSugar Quartz is VERY RARE. It dates back 12,000 YEARS.

The last known Legal documented finding was the United States Geological Survey by Joseph Hyde Pratt in “The Occurrence and Distribution of Corundum in the United States – by Joseph Hyde Pratt”, published in 1901 on page 650

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Not generally found anywhere, finding Sugar Quartz found in Sedona. deems it exquisitely RARE.


Polar opposite of Tibet, Sedona is A Magical land filled with spiritual Vortexes along with breath taking scenery amassed from the bright red mountains and lush green lands.  Many enter without a spiritual inclination and leave on an enlightened path.

Touched by Fire:

“Touched by Fire” is an Experience and a #TrueStory Book about Burning in your sleep, Flat Lining in recovery and Reviving to continue Mission of making World a better place.  TouchedByFire14_9_15“Touched by Fire” also symbolizes being a World ranked musician on ReverbNation.

Hands that have been “Touched by Fire” can forge anything with ease.

This means that the ONLY way to get Touched by Fire, Sedona Sugar Quartz” is to follow these 4 steps.

SugarQuartz14_9_15v2 - Crop

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